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Spirit of Doshisha-Messag from the Chancellor

Joseph Hardy Neesima acutely sensed the changing times during the turbulent period from the final years of the Tokugawa Shogunate to early Meiji, and acted according to his own judgment of what he should do without fear of the government.

After returning from America, Neesima became determined to change Japan through "cultivation of people who use their abilities as conscience dictates" based on Christianity.  To do that, he planned to create an educational environment that encourages students' independent thinking and actions.


The idea to change society through education, and the determination to establish a school pursuing "education of conscience" in particular, must have been considered revolutionary in Japan in the 1870s. Continuing Neesima's purpose, Doshisha University has been devoting its effort to education and research for fostering people who act according to their own judgment of what to do based on conscience, and people who tirelessly pursue their dream or high aspirations.


Doshisha University puts emphasis on the linkage between education and research and on fostering creativity in individual students. At its basis is our founding spirit, "education of conscience," and adherence to our three educational philosophies:


  • Liberalism is to value individuality

  • Christian principles are to respect and love others

  • Internationalism is to see and understand the world with a broad perspective.


Based on these philosophies, we conduct education and research in a liberal environment that respects individuality, producing graduates who play an active role in various fields of society.

This is Doshisha University's identity that has been maintained throughout its history.

Eiji Hatta, Ph.D.
Chairperson, Board of  Trustees 
The  Doshisha

 Message From Chancellor  

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